Colours? On my blog?! BLASPHEMY

And there I thought I could never ever paint with colours. Greyscale, this is where we part ways. Maybe. There’s a lesson in this.

These are the cleanest lines I have ever drawn. Ever. Anyway… I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins non-stop for the past two weeks. I finished my first playthrough two days ago and I plan on starting the second one soon. I want to try the Magi origin.


English Bay, Vancouver. This is my head canon ending. Your space magic is invalid.

Prints available at Society 6


I will keep you from all harm


Pushing Daisies - This show ruined my life

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If I had a dollar for every time I tried to paint with the eraser on SAI I would be a fucking billionaire

It began as a study, then I tried to turn it into a piece of Loki and his children, then I couldn’t fit Hel, then Fernir turned out like shit. So, IF I’ll ever manage to finish this, it will be only Loki and lil Jörmungandr

Bleh. Off to study cartography now. 


Me Suk Lee


Gérard Michel


Goni Montes


the tables are turning

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If I had any strength left in me I would have drawn Soldier and Rocket Raccoon together. Soldier would call him Lieutenant Bites and Rocket would probably spit in his face

Blame it on the dash. I was doddling some Paulings and Aubrey Plaza appeared just in time to give me an epiphany

(Holy shit that rotoscoped Spy is close to 4k notes now. Maybe I should rotoscope a Sniper to celebrate)